Our Galactic Connection~ Adama

Our Galactic Connection~ Adama
You on the surface are situated ABOVE us, and BELOW the Galactic Command. You are receiving Light from above and below. You are between two great Forces of Light. We here in Telos watch over your surface population very carefully, monitoring your move- ments and reporting back to our councils. We know all that occurs on the Earth’s surface.
We embrace the light as it dawns each day, and bless the darkness as it descends on our homes. We bless all of life’s activities. We bless this great planet and all its life forms.
We are grateful to be a part of this grand experiment. We are grateful to be a part of the Earth’s great training ground, where we are all being schooled in life’s evolutionary process. Someday soon, we anticipate your journeying forth to visit us here in Telos, and we anticipate our emergence onto the surface, also. We await this time. We pray for this time when we can be reunited with our brothers and sisters again.
Know that in Telos, we see the light in all its diversity, and we use the light’s energy to travel in our astral bodies. We use light in all its ramifications to create and develop our civilization underground. For although it may appear dark to you, in reality the underground is quite lit up! Even the tunnel passages glow softly with our crystal light technology.
When we’re underground, we are aware of all that takes place in the Universe. We are connected to all star systems in our galaxy via our computer lines, similar to your world wide web network. We have a world-wide star network that connects all solar systems in our galaxy. We know what star systems all our brothers and sisters are located in, and know their current state of evolution by tuning into them on our computers. We know all our past lives through our computers, which register all pertinent information through all lifetimes. Our computers are privy to the Akashic Records, and they convert them into readable data.
Once we merge with your surface population, we will bring our computer network system to link you up to the Universe. Then you, too, can study your past lives, and learn and understand the reasons so many things seem to happen to you in this lifetime. Knowing the past explains the present, and enlightens the future.
( From Telos by Dianne Robbins ❤