Blessed Ones Of Love!

1. Blessed Ones Of Love!
If I Could Take You On A Journey Now, Take A Moment And Go With Me!
Here We Are Now, All Together! All You See And Feel Is Beautiful And Perfect!
2. You Look Around And Realize At Last That All You Felt Was Against You, Has Dissolved In Energy!
Any Grief Or Pain, Does Not Exist In This Place; For God Is The Essence Of Love. You Have Arrived In The Complete Knowing Of The Peace And Serenity Of All Life.
3. Now, We Feel One Another In Essence And Realize We Never Had A Real Enemy. Our Perception In A Density And Dimension We Visited To Learn, Created Scenarios That Were Never True. We Understand That All Beings Were Moving In Light, And Some Completely Lost Their Way!
4. In The Beauty Of This Place, You Recognize Others That You Felt You Lost. As You Connect In Divine Love, You Understand Nothing Is Ever Lost. Every Waking Dream Has Blended To One. You Are Now Fully Awake To Dream No More!
5. This Place That You Long For Now, Exists Within Your Soul. You Can Visit There Now. You Can Come As Often As You Desire! It Is Yours. It Belongs To All. It Is ONE.
6. Beloved Ones! You Are Everything! You Are Holographic In Nature And As You Complete This Waking Dream, Aspects Of Your Being Are Fully Awake! Choose This Perspective And Allow The Dreamers To Dream On.
7. No Matter What Plays Out Before You, The One Source Of All Provides A Place Of Refuge From The Storm!
As I Look Upon Your Dream, An Aspect Of My Soul Lives With You As Judith. My Beloved Son, Kabamur Lives As Human With A Name Not Shared.
8. My Beloved IKAI, Flies To Me On Taygeta And Travels The Multiverses In Preparation Of The Shift. My Beloved Sons, LAKA, NEIOH And AKATU, Remain Non-Physical To You, Yet Are Able To Change Densities And Appear As They Blend With White Hats And Assist Others.
9. We Have Always Been With You In Each Waking Dream. Each Of Us Has Incarnated And Remained As Guides For Those In Form.
Precious Beloved Souls Of Light, Be Strong And Remember Who You Are! You Are Born Of Love And Live In The Brightness Of GOD!
10. Love Is Your Power And Strength!
Your Life Has Purpose! Possessions Do Not Matter! You Arrived With Nothing And You Leave With Nothing! The End Of This Journey Is The Return To Truth! Your New Home Is Prepared! It Is Entirely Possible To Find This Place Within Your Soul.
11. It Is Very Familiar To You! If You Forgot, It Is Fine! Welcome Home!
I Hold You In My Heart And Wrap You In Soft Strands Of Love And Peace. As I Stand In The Ethers Above My Star, I Call Out To You!
I Love You So!