KWAN YIN – JUNE 2021 Beloved Ones, I come on the wings of love to speak to you about the great cleansing that continues upon the Earth and every human upon the Earth. This is creating a great deal of confusion and chaos within many upon the Earth. And so it is, that your Light

Message from DIVINE MOTHER

Message from DIVINE MOTHER From the Womb of Creation I AM Beloved Sons and Daughters of LOVE, You are the specialists in creating PEACE and HARMONY out of chaos and disorder, embassadors of the WHITE LIGHT of CREATION! BEWARE! Your gifts are unique and each of you is needed now to UNFOLD your highest potential

Our Galactic Connection~ Adama

Our Galactic Connection~ Adama You on the surface are situated ABOVE us, and BELOW the Galactic Command. You are receiving Light from above and below. You are between two great Forces of Light. We here in Telos watch over your surface population very carefully, monitoring your move- ments and reporting back to our councils. We

The Next Avatar

Important revelations The Next Avatar This is a very important topic. Much of the spiritual wisdom existing on Earth today is a collection of teachings given by Avatars who incarnated to show in very practical ways how to live in brotherhood and spiritual service according to cosmic law. Perhaps the most well known Avatars are

Ashtar Sheran

Ashtar Sheran This being of Light is a great Cosmic Master who, in deep compassion for the humanity of the Earth, and empowered by full galactic authority (i.e., under the jurisdiction of karmic law, and also as a representative of the Supreme Galactic Council), has made himself available to us for as long as it