Merlin: A Lesson

Merlin: A Lesson Hello, students! My, what bright shiny faces, such eager listeners! I am your professor of magic and science, which is really all the same, but I digress. I am Merlin. And I have been asked to prepare a quick lesson today for you, by this one. Many of you are my pupils

Saul: Trust Your Inner Guidance

Saul: Trust Your Inner Guidance Humanity is awakening! There are signs of this all across the world as awareness grows that the old ways in which people have become accustomed to interacting with each other are now totally inadequate in the modern world of high technology. Technology can be used for healing and evolution, or

Ashtar: The Timeline

Ashtar: The Timeline Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN! It is with great joy that I come here today to inform you: Your planet is on a new timeline. I would say a superior line, a line where events will accelerate, but proportionally inverted, will be the emanated energy, contrary