God’s Plan For Us All ~ Christ Consciousness

God’s Plan For Us All ~ Christ Consciousness
Know that in Telos, it is very Light. We go about our business with God’s Light radiating out from us. All that we think and do carries out God’s plan. All that we feel, magnifies God’s plan. All that we say in our speech, exemplifies God’s plan. So you see, our lives are totally interwoven in God’s Plan for Earth. That’s why we incarnated in Telos. We incarnated here to hold God’s Plan upon the Earth plane until you, on the surface, could carry it out yourselves.
God’s plan is waiting for you. All you need to do is to plug yourselves into this Light, and then you, too, will be radiating with the brightness of God. All is in readiness for you. The way has been paved from the streets of Telos, and now it is your turn to walk in the Light, to bring forth God’s Plan to the surface, where your brothers and sisters are waiting in anticipation for the Second Coming of Christ. You are all Lightworkers carrying the Christ consciousness within your souls. You are the Christ, and you have come again in this incarnation to bring the Christ energies to the Earth, where they can permeate all life forms.
So don’t underestimate yourselves. Don’t look to others to change your lives. Don’t be afraid to claim your Divinity. For it is you, my dear brothers and sisters, that will bring the Light of Ascension to the whole Earth. And we here in Telos are working right alongside of you to complete God’s Plan for this age. We give you strength, we give you God’s unlimited Love, we give you Light daily. Just focus on us here in Telos, and you can consciously feel this partnership and strength that is ever flowing to you.
We await your conscious connection to us, and for the time when you will be permitted to visit us here in Telos. Then we will truly be ONE LIGHT emanating from the Earth for all of the Cosmos to see. Our love goes out to you in a grand display of Light.
(From The Book _ The call goes out from the Hollow Earth and the Underground cities- By Dianne Robbins)