Journey to the Violet Flame Temple in Telos

Journey to the Violet Flame Temple in Telos – Meditation
With, Adama and Saint Germain ~ ❤ ❤
As you are being filled with the Violet Flame energies, set your intentions to come on a journey with us and with your higher self to the beautiful Violet Flame Temple in the fifth dimension inside Telos. This temple has an etheric physical structure, and our people can access it any time; and so can you in your light body. In this temple, the Violet Flame burns perpetually, nurtured by the love and devotion of our people, blessing life, blessing mankind and the planet. This is a place where Master Saint Germain spends much time with his twin flame Portia and with legions of Violet Flame angels, recharging and tending the energies of the Violet Flame for the planet.
Keep breathing the energy as much as you can, so that you can bring it back with you to your physical body when you return to full consciousness. Now, see yourself standing in a large circular room with a high ceilings, where the Violet Flame is present everywhere. The walls are made of pure violet amethyst and the floor is also made of amethyst crystal of a smoother texture and lighter color. Piercing through the amethyst wall you see a great number of violet-tone lights that give you the feeling of a mystical starry vision. The room is bright and you see dozens of fountains of all sizes and shapes emitting every possible shade of violet hue in a magical play of colors and tones.
The water fairies have great fun playing with these energies; watch their exultation in their playful joy. The flower fairies are busy creating beautiful flowers of all shades of white, gold and violet with this light energy. See them throwing some at you, as their way of blessing and welcoming you. Join in to partake of their joy and bliss. Also notice the multitudes of Violet Flame angels tending the Violet Fire with their love and adoration.
The Violet Fire is not hot; it is basically on the cool side. There are several chairs in the room, and we ask each of you to choose the one you are drawn to, where it feels the most comfortable to you. The chairs are made of pure violet crystal, and under each one is a flame of violet rising up to enfold you. As it burns up from underneath, it is entering and infusing every part of your body through the lower chakras. There is also another flame coming down from above penetrating your crown chakra and infusing every cell of your body.
As you breathe it into your heart consciously, you are being filled with the Violet Flame of Freedom like never before. There are several Violet Flame angels surrounding each one of you, pouring cups of love and cups of Violet fire into your energy fields and the various aspects of your life needing healing. The experience is going to be different for each one of you. Keep breathing in the energy. Now see the Master St. Germain with his Lady Portia and the Lady Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, filling you with their love and imprinting your auric field with the flame of compassion, which is also a Seventh Ray energy.
Now open yourself to a greater level of compassion for your own healing and for the healing of those you love. Whatever it is that you feel needs healing in your life, invoke the energies of compassion and forgiveness into it, and allow the changes you want to take place. Stay in that state of bliss as long as you want. Talk to us, talk to Saint Germain or Kuan Yin, and set your intentions to completely heal yourself, to heal all traumas of the present and the past. This room is filled with powerful healing energy, and as you sit and bathe in it, feel dark energy transformed into Light. Wherever there have been problems, trauma or pain, feel the energy starting to lift and dissolve.
Feel a lessening of density and how much lighter you are becoming. Feel the lightness and the sensation of joy infusing your being. As you allow yourself to feel greater joy, you lessen your burdens. Allow this lightness, this beauty, this love and power to nurture you. Keep breathing it in. Consciously request of the Violet Flame what you would like it to do for you. Sometimes, between your asking and the fulfillment of your request, clearing processes need to take place, but step-by-step you are working towards your victory. Do not feel rushed; take all the time you need.
When you feel ready, you look around and see guides, masters and angels smiling at you, willing to assist you if you have a query. The angels, by the way, especially those who work with mankind, come here to recharge with the Violet Flame vibration several times a week and often daily. The unbalanced energy on the planet contaminates their forcefield, and they come here to cleanse and revitalize. We invite you to do the same. Stay with us here as long as you wish, and when you are ready, come back to full consciousness. Now be mindful of not re-creating in your lives through your thoughts, feelings and words the energies you have just transmuted.
We invite you to come back to this temple any time you want. The door is now opened to you. Master Saint Germain will often be there for you and his angels will delight in offering their love and assistance.
As we conclude our talk this day, we honor you for your openness. We send you blessings of love, courage and wisdom. We will also join our dear friend Saint Germain who commits to sending waves of Violet Flame into the hearts of all those who will be reading this material later on. And so be it.
( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)