Message from DIVINE MOTHER

Message from DIVINE MOTHER
From the Womb of Creation I AM
Beloved Sons and Daughters of LOVE,
You are the specialists in creating PEACE and HARMONY out of chaos and disorder, embassadors of the WHITE LIGHT of CREATION! BEWARE! Your gifts are unique and each of you is needed now to UNFOLD your highest potential accessible to you at this moment in time!
My daughters, you carry within you the very WOMB of CREATION yourself! Honor your feminine powers, your receptivity and your ability to CREATE LIFE from scratch! New life on this planet starts out with a cell dividing itself … can you see the bigger picture? You have ALL come from the same SOURCE – ME – your MOTHER DIVINE! And you, my dear Goddess Priestesses, you are destined to unfold this sheer potential of GIVING LIFE in ALL dimensions, as well! Start wherever you find yourself NOW. Turn within. Find the center, the still point within … and RECEIVE!
And you, my sons of LOVE within: Wield the light and PROTECT that which you LOVE! The stronger your love, the stronger the protective power you can hold. The more encompassing your love, the larger your protective aura can become. Envision yourself and your family in a DOME of LIGHT. You are surrounded by impenetrable shields of LIGHT, each of you, and when you INTERACT with each other, your light mingles and mixes and you receive information from each other – without words. Light language. By placing insights and visions within the field of your Co-CREATRESSES, you can impregnate this field the seeds of your inner Wisdom and Love.
Sons ad daughters of the ONE SOURCE of ALL that IS: Learn to CO-CREATE together again! Sometimes your male qualities will be required, at other times your receptivity will be needed. You are BOTH, YIN AND YANG! You are the container and the contained. You are the TRUTH within AS WELL AS its reflection in the outside. Choose YOUR truth wisely! And adjust regularly in a never ending rhythm of breathing in = accepting new standpoints – and breathing out = EXPERIENCING the resulting changes which life offers to you whenever you adopt another truth. The times between in- and outbreath are the STILL POINTS of Creation in which you INTEGRATE what has been given to you. After the inbreath = integrate the light / vision / information in preparation for ACTING on it. After the outbreath = Time to integrate the experiences you have made in the outer world, readying yourself for the next inbreath.
The times of the lonely warrior are over. You are led now to re-encounter the profound safety which comes from being ACCEPTED for who and AS YOU ARE by your community. If you are lucky, you are surrounded by your community already, but if not, do not despair! You will find out how to get in contact NOW! You may find solace in the animals who visit, the birds, insects, the worm or the rabbit who greets you from afar. You may begin notice the plants who greet you with a whisper in the cool morning breeze. The pebbles which shimmer under turquoise green, ice-cold water, the warmth of the fire you have chosen to light in search for this moment of UNITY with ALL that IS – they all remind you of the truth that you are never alone – have never been and will never be!
Your soul family may be incarnate or not: Know, that YOU ARE NEVER – and have never been! – separate from “them”, not at any moment in your life. And know that your current life-stream is but ONE of MANY who are all unfolding from the Divinity of your SOUL and I AM PRESENCE! The dream you call life is ONE of many which your I AM PRESENCE is all dreaming at once. And you are now to WAKE UP to the bigger reality of your multidimensional SELF!
Time and place are connected in a space-time continuum. Once you leave this system of reference by entering the higher dimensions you are entering the multiverse with its many timelines, probabilities and dimensions, which all exist simultaneously, none of them being more or less real than the other.
Your efforts to bring LIGHT to Mother Earth through the LOVE that you ARE, therefore, do not only effect YOUR world, timeline and probable future, but ALL of them. By your FOCUS on reality you are continually CHOOSING what you perceive. If you are experienced in CREATING, you know that it is UP TO YOU what you focus your attention on. Choose wisely in those times of turmoil which you are currently going through on a planetary level! Do you really think, the News or social media platforms will give you more adequate information about what you need to know now than your INTUITIVE INNER KNOWING? Learn to rely more and more on your intuitive abilities and ask LADY AMTHYST for help. She will gladly assist you in TRAINING your intuition, showering you with the gift of her Violet Flame Aura to help you see more clearly WHO YOU ARE and how you can use your unique gifts now to bring your inner bounty into EXPRESSION
Lady Amethyst, consort of AA Zadkiel, is as at your service – and so are AA Metatron, Lord of LIGHT, and AA Sandalphone, who connects you to the HEART of Mother Earth and our CREATIVE POWER WITHIN!
Call on the heavenly dimensions DAILY, with all your love and might, and FEEL into your body!
Your PRAYERS connect you to the NET OF LOVE AND LIGHT which gives LIFE, even in times of darkness!
PRAY, my dear children, Sons and Daughters of the STARS, pray with all your HEART and draw to you the blessings which your I AM presence is eager to pass on to you NOW! Ask and you shall receive. And when you receive, PASS ON the BLESSINGS to your loved ones, friends, family, … and finally, in your quiet times of meditation and connexion, to all of humanity and ALL that IS! In this way the circle is CLOSING. You are passing on what you are receiving, and the current of energy running through YOU is energizing, re-vitalizing and empowering and protecting you all at once, too, so you can GROW into your FULL POTENTIAL as WARRIORS of the LIGHT who are becoming PROTECTORS of the FUTURE of this universe.
And so it IS.
May you receive clear and detailed information from your I AM PRESENCE!
ACT on it – and the flow of information from SOURCE to your end of reality will continue until you are through and humanity will have birthed a NEW GOLDEN AGE whose effects can only be fathomed by a few, but will be celebrated as the glorious victory of LOVE on EARTH by ALL, in Heaven as well as on Earth.
And so it IS,
Sonja Myriel RAouine
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