Paul the Venetian – Benedictions of The Holy Spirit

Paul the Venetian – Benedictions of The Holy Spirit
Beloved children of my heart! I greet you in the Flame of Love. May the blessings of the grace of the Holy Spirit ever find me welcome within your heart, your feelings, and your very soul! Gentle as a pure white dove, which symbolizes His consciousness, the grace and humility of the Holy Spirit drawn out of the sweet delicate rhythm of its reverent song of being, are often overlooked by the Western mind. When a man comes to a place of “listening grace,” when all of the restless energies of his many selves are stilled, then do the beauty, the grace, the benedictions and the presence of the Holy Spirit flow.
As the wings of the dove carry her high, her freedom is manifest in “being,” not so much in doing.
When one lives and serves according to the guidance of the Divine Self, there is happiness and fulfillment in that service. When one is developing new momentum, there are growing pains, and both are essential to mature consciousness.
When the lifestream of the disciple is earnest and sincere, he makes the effort to always be in the perfect place where the wisdom of the I AM Presence requires him to be. Life will then always cooperate and guide that lifestream where the greatest service and advancement can be rendered.
Our words are crystal cups that carry love and peace into the outer consciousness of those of mankind who have a remembrance of spiritual friendship and sweet association with us at inner levels. Through the magnetic power of the Three-fold Flame within the Heart, the attention of the masters of the higher realms can be drawn to you for greater assistance.
One of the main sources of unhappiness, frustration and distress experienced by mankind is the capacity and willingness to disobey the divine directions of their own individualized I AM Presence and the guidance of the Ascended Hosts of Light.
There is always a choice between joyous, willing, illumined obedience to the directions of that Presence and the willful and ignorant misuse of the free will to create imperfection. It becomes a personal choice and matter between each man and his God.
Until each member of the human race comes to a personal desire to do the Will of God and live by the laws of Love, he will not experience permanent happiness or the joy of victorious accomplishment, which brings peace, abundance, limitless love and a spiritual expansion not yet known to your outer mind.
Man has not destroyed the conscious connection with his own individualized I AM Presence in a moment, nor can he establish anew such a connection in a moment. It requires patience, persistence, determination, purity of motives, a well-developed sense of discrimination and a constant vigilance at the door of the heart of the Presence.
( From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)