1. Friends Of Earth!
For The Cause Of Light We Are Here In Unity!
For The Expansion Of Consciousness Throughout The Multiverses, You Arrived In Agreement To Forget And Dream
2. Then To Remember And Understand Peace Will Be When The Many Realize They Are One In Creation.
It Is Entirely Possible To Settle Into Your Being Of Divinity And Know Perfect Peace Now! Your Peace Does Not Depend On The Outcome Of A Political Party, …
3. The Opinion Of Another, Or Your Memories Or Projections Of The Story Of You In False Identity. In These Sacred Moments That Many Find Chaos And Believe The Answer Is Outside Of Them, These Words Are For You!
4. You Are A Complete Soul That Can Never Be Harmed! You Are Here To Expand In Light And Observe! As You Become Still, You Understand The Essence Is So Much More Than This Story!
5. As You Breathe Deeply, Pull Your Energy Into Your Heart Space. Find Presence Here And Be Still. Focus On The Area Of Your Beating Heart With No Thoughts. Just Be. This Is Your Soul Communicating In Silence.
6. As You Fully Know By Now, There Are Variables With Each Thought And Decision. There Is Nothing To Worry About, As Your Soul Knows The Way Home And Will Guide You Back To The Path That Is Best For You, Over And Over.
7. You Cannot Fail And You Are Completely Free Of Perceived Moments Of Past Memories That Float Into Your Conscious Awareness And Tell You That You Failed Somehow!
8. No, Beloved Ones! The Perceived Mistakes Always Had A Blessing.
You Might Have Met Someone Special At The Bank, When You Were Called About A Problem With Your Account. You Might Have Had A Dental Problem And In The Office, You Meet Someone With Words That Nourish Your Soul!
9. Your Business Might Have Closed And You Wonder If You Did Something Wrong!
No, Beloved One! A Space For Something New Has Been Created And Grace Will Always Fill It With The Possibility Of A Much Better Outcome! Look For The Gift That Is Always There!
10. You Are Love And So Loved!
In This Waking Dream, You Are More Than Enough! Without Knowing You Have Friends In High Places, You Would Still Make It Through!
11. But How Grand And Comforting To Know There Are So Many Present Now Among You, Watching And Waiting For The Moment To Shift In Densities With Power And Love!
As You Watch Your World Change, Also Watch The Skies! Do Not Be Concerned With Dates And Times.
12. Allow Your Being To Become Peaceful And Trust That The Best Is Yet To Come!
We Love You So! +++