Reunion with your Galactic Family Through Suzanne Lie

Reunion with your Galactic Family
Through Suzanne Lie
Dear humans on Gaia’s Earth during this challenging time, we your Galactic Family, wish to commend the great courage that you have all been facing on Gaia’s dear planet.
We, the members of your Galactic Family are sending you, the humans on Earth, the Love and Light that you deserve and that you WILL recover in your daily lives.
We, your Galactic Family, are speaking to you directly, as wish to remind you that YOU are NOT alone. More and more of the Gaia’s humans are remembering that they are not just human. In fact, more and more humans are remembering that they ALL have a higher dimensional versions of their physical, third dimensional self.
This Higher Dimensional Version of their third dimensional self rests within the Heart and Soul of every human on Gaia’s Earth. Unfortunately, some humans have become forgetful of their own Inner/Higher Dimensional SELF.
Fortunately, we your Galactic Family can see that the NEW NOW is gathering within the hearts and minds of our brave Galactic Family Members who chose to take an incarnation during this time of GREAT challenge.
Therefore, we the members of your Higher Dimensional/Multidimensional SELF wish to remind you the YOU have chosen to take an earth vessel during your NOW so that they/you can participate in the Great Awakening.
This “Great Awakening” is slowly, but surely, entering the hearts and minds of the human members of Gaia who are beginning to remember their dreams that tell them that they are NOT alone. The Awakening Ones will first only hear the “not alone” component so that they can remember their own Higher Dimensional Connection with the higher frequencies of reality.
Of course, since many humans and still only perceive that which is totally physical, the NOW of Seeing the Higher Light will be a gradual process so that they do not become overwhelmed with their “fear of the unknown.”
Fortunately as more and more humans begin to awaken to their Higher SELF who will communicate with them via dreams, inner pictures, a growing need to know just what is really happening on their planet.
The first, and very vital part of this awakening process is that they begin to allow themselves to remember that Gaia, planet EARTH, is an alive, sentient being. This is NOT a new trend.
In fact the Ancient Ones all thought of Gaia as a Living Being. In fact, the “primitive ones” believed that it was their duty to protect their planet so that it would be health and able to keep alive in the hearts of all humans that Humanity was meant to be the Protectors of their Planet Gaia.
Unfortunately, as humans “advanced,” they began to think less and less of Gaia as being a Living Being. Very often they believed that Gaia was NOT alive so that they could plunder and take over what ever they wanted.
Fortunately, every “dark night for Gaia” was eventually assisted by the “awakened members of Gaia’s Earth.” Most of these “awakened ones” were Galactic Beings from Pleiadies, Arcturus, Venus, and/or the Antarians.
It was these member of Gaia’s Galactic Family who would come to their beloved sister planet of Gaia (Earth) to assist Her whenever difficult times struck Earth. It was then that the members of Gaia’s Galactic Family would come to Her Planetary Assistance.
Most third dimensional humans are NOT aware that a planet, in fact their planet, could be an alive being. Therefore, these unaware humans allowed themselves to harm Gaia in many, many ways over many, many, timelines.
We, your Galactic Family are her within this NOW to remind you the YOU, the humans of Gaia’s Earth are Her worst enemy and Her Best protector.
This is the NOW in which humanity must decide if they wish to be
or if they wish to be
To those who are not yet aware of the great damage that humans do to their Home Planet EVERY DAY, We, the members of YOUR Galactic Family, remind you that YOU are among the ONES who have chosen to be:
We, Your Galactic Family, Thank you for Remembering your
Do not forget to look up dear grounded Galactic Ones,
As we are waiting to communicate with YOU!