Saint Germain’s Revelations About The New Golden Age The vision of the New Earth

Saint Germain’s Revelations About

The New Golden Age

The vision of the New Earth

Brief explanatory note: this fragment is part of the book: SAINT GERMAIN –MESSAGE TO HUMANITY: YOU HAVE THE POWER OF A THOUSANT SUNS, This book was made entirely under the direct guidance of Saint Germain. It was His desire to end this book with this Prophecy, which contains His revelations about the New Golden Age of mankind. All these aspects, which have been revealed in a grand vision, will take place over the next 2000 years.
From the vastness of the Infinite Spirit the whole Universe appears to me projected on Earth, the akashic space containing the Infinite Void and the countless Galaxies, over which the grandiose symbolic image of God the Father is projected (as He is sometimes represented as an old man with white hair and beard, dressed wholly in white) – symbol of the descent of the deity to Earth. Gradually the image of the Heavenly Father merges with the image of Saint Germain, in a full revelation of the total identity with this grandiose manifestation of Him. The being of Saint Germain then becomes like a huge column that unites the Earth with the Sky, more precisely with the Source / Creator. Saint Germain’s feet rest on Earth, and His head is one with Heaven. Gradually through Him, through the huge column of energy of His Being of Light, the Earth is literally uplifted in the New Golden Age; its frequency of vibration is constantly increasing and at the same time I see the Earth rising through the column of Light of His Cosmic Being. The golden light envelops the entire Earth, now positioned at the top of the Column of Light constituted by the Being of Saint Germain. Everything becomes golden on the New Earth, bathed ineffably in this Golden Light, present both inside, in human beings, and outside, filling everything.
I feel my Heart filling with divinity, in an infinite outpouring of grace, and from it emanate waves upon waves of divine energy that continually propagate everywhere. My being expands endlessly, losing its material consistency, becoming one with space, a multidimensional space of consciousness, in this total unification. I am just a relay, through which the Divinity manifests itself, perfecting its planetary work, enveloping everything in divine energy and deifying everything.
In the new Light then appears another Being of Light – a Divine descent (incarnation) in manifestation, of another Son of God, whose image appears clear to me, with blond hair spilled in curls on his back, with a beard of a slightly darker blond. Amazing is the fact that I do not have the feeling of a distinct resonance, specific to a certain embodied spirit, but rather it seems to be a unification of several divine resonances, forming an exceptional Divine Being, embodying a kind of all-encompassing presence, composed of the Divine Attributes of several Divine Beings simultaneously, a kind of grandiose cumulation of all the Messiahs prophesied and expected by all the religions of the World simultaneously. Gradually to this divine Being the image (Presence) of Saint Germain joined, sometimes in parallel with it, sometimes unified with it, but anyway always present, supportive, guiding, protective.
Gradually under the action of this Divine Presence the whole Earth becomes enlightened, not only bathed in the Divine Light, but also at the level of Consciousness – encompassing the Light and making room for the full manifestation on earth of the enlightened Consciousness.
My being witnesses a new rise in the vibrational frequency, always higher, gradually passing through the vibrational frequency of Atlantis – and the New Atlantis rises, making its appearance again, then through the vibrational frequency of Lemuria and the New Lemuria stood up; everything is very high. Everything becomes of an incomparable greatness, which far surpasses the past Golden Ages, in an unprecedented ascent.
Then I see a huge portal that opens, having dimensions comparable to those of the Planet in diameter, a portal open to higher spaces and dimensions, fully communicating with the entire Multiverse (multidimensional), to higher planes and dimensions currently unknown on Earth.
And then the overwhelming presence of the Divine Mother and the endless joy that accompanies the descent of Her divine Presence on Earth, embracing and incorporating in Her Divine Being all that is, all-encompassing, in an overwhelming manifestation of Herself, reminding of Her lemurian manifestation, rebalancing everything and harmonizing everything with Her (so) wonderful presence.
Then I see the descent to the New Earth of several Angelic Beings (Spirits) who incarnated here, becoming the inhabitants of the New Earth which become an enlightened Paradise – The Lost Paradise of Old Times (The Famous Garden of Eden) is restored to Earth.
The whole Earth is completely transformed, everything is different, not only in appearance, but also as an expression of manifestation, a braid difficult to describe in words, because there is nothing similar on Earth for the moment, physical space seems to intertwine with infinite space, being at the same time filled with consciousness. At each point of space the finite merges ineffably with the infinite, reflecting the same ineffable fusion that exists at the level of Consciousness, between the individual and the universal Consciousness.
Nicolas Dayzus & Uma Kumari
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