The Divine Feminine Energy

The Divine Feminine Energy
Such beautiful, compassionate, loving Divine Feminine is now pouring into the planet, which is synchronizing with the opening of the heart center in all of humanity.
It is the return of two most beautiful Divine Feminine expressions, which for so long was repressed, and only known to a very few initiates, and now being returned for those who are entering and have entered the New Golden Age, and the fifth to seventh and even higher dimensional state.
This morning I had an intense download and merging with the Divine Pistis Sophia, and the Shekinah, the Christed Feminine, as both the immense Feminine Powers, are being returned.
Indeed, the Goddess Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. Without her, humankind was lost. For true Wisdom, is that of the Sacred Heart Centre, and steeped in the Intuitive and Ancient Knowledge which Sophia holds, within the Divine Feminine Heart. She holds the Ancient Serpent Energy – the Serpent has always been the symbol for wisdom, for it is wise. Indeed the Serpent energy is that of the Spiral of Creation, the different tiers and octaves of Wisdom as held within the 352 levels of Divinity.
In later Christian and other traditions the serpent was blamed for the downfall of man – indeed, it never was the serpent, nor Eve – it was mankind’s own fall from Grace, and the refusal to apply Divine Wisdom, and to co-create within Divine Laws.
The Shekinah holds the Sacred Fires, the Fires of Purification and the Sacred Fires of the Sublime Gifts of the Holy Spirit. She indeed, seeks balance and harmony and brings with here the Illumination of the Powers that Sophia holds.
An illumined Heart and Soul, and Illumined Mind, merge AS ONE and thus the Sacred Fires lift the soul into the Highest Levels, where all is ONE and thus the soul then accesses the ultimate Wisdom, the Keys and Codes as held within the Tree of Life, and the Flower of Life and the Living Waters of Life.
In the New Golden Age, we are returning to the State of Oneness, Unity and the Sacred Heart, the Fountains of Wisdom – the Sophia, and the ultimate Power of the Sacred Fires as held within the Shekinah.
Note that although these are all Divine Feminine Powers, they indeed work with both the Masculine and Feminine. The soul itself.
It brings an immense shift into the highest Harmony within oneself, thus balance and inner peace and equilibrium.
The Truly Wise, constantly seek the highest and most sacred paths and they know the power of discernment and take responsibility to all which they co-create in one form or another.
It is the ultimate search for Divine Truth, Divine Wisdom, and Divine Knowledge, yet this is steeped in unconditional love, and a deep respect for the Divine Universal Laws, which govern all creation.
As the Soul is ready to step into this, the Sacred Keys and Codes which the Sophia and the Shekinah hold, will be activated within the souls who are ready to receive this gift.
Indeed – those souls who truly step into the New Earth and thus the higher dimensional state, are indeed leaving their known physical world and physicality behind and ready to assume their new bodies and thus live their highest soul truth with great Love.
The New Golden Age is the Age of Love, balance, harmony and Peace.
Judith Kusel