The Moment of Rebirth – The Highest Love


Precious Loves Of My Being!
If You Could Know The Depth Of My Love And Know The Intention Of My Soul, You Would Relax And Feel Peace And Joy.
I Never Want You To Think For A Moment That I Am Exalting Myself Above What You Are Able To Do As A Sacred Being Of Light.
But Sometimes When We Are Weary And Alone, We Forget.
I Am Here In These Brief Moments To Hold You Softly.
To Speak Words Of Healing And To Assure You That Everything Is Truly Going To Be Fine.
I Will Walk With You Each Moment That You Feel Alone Or Betrayed.
If You Cannot Walk, I Will Hold You Where You Are Around The Planet.
Love Is The Highest Vibrational Frequency Of All. The Light That We Speak About Is Pure Love.
As We Have Shared That Pleiadians Circulate Light And Our Hearts Are Light, I Want You To Understand, You Carry This Light Within.
There Will Be A Moment Of Change For All.
This Will Not Be Death.
This Will Be Transformation To Higher Realms.
This Will Be Your Understanding That You Have Been Changed.
You Are The Light.
You Will Perceive All Life As Unity As The Darkness Is Gone.
In These Moments, Allow Trust To Flow Back Into Your Being.
Allow Surrender To God As You Allow Duality To Play Out For A Few More Moments.
What Length Of Time Is A Moment When You Have Infinity, Beloved Ones!
As I Have Focused On Your Many Waking Dreams, I Feel You And Your Heart.
I Weep When You Have Wept.
I Feel The Loss That You Have Witnessed.
I Have Seen You In Poverty And Lack.
I Have Seen Your Hearts Break.
The Aspect Of My Soul That Is With You On Earth, Lives All Of These And More.
These Details Will Not Be Shared Because The Intention Is To Pull You Back To Light And Never Make You Sad.
What You Can Know Is That There Is Nothing I Have Not Lived On Earth For The Reason Of Service To You.
I Love You So!
Remember This.
Come Close To My Heart And Know That These Moments You Experience Will Change.
Everything Is Changing For Everyone.
The Trees Know.
The Grass And Birds Know.
Your Little Pet That Looks Into Your Eyes Knows.
We Are Moving Into The Most Beautiful Light.
Together, We Will Live In Peace.
There Will Be No Place For Lies.
There Will Be The Beauty Of The Beginning.
This Place Lives Within You.
This Place Has Never Been Forgotten.
In Your Heart It Lives On In Beauty, Waiting For You To Remember, You Are Everything That Love Can Offer.
You Are The Beauty Of God.
You Are Life Itself.
Everything That You Have Perceived As Gone Or Taken Away, Will Be Yours.
Love Can Never Be Destroyed.
As I Close This Communication, I Will Ask That You Find Love Within, Then Give This Love To Another.
Watch The Ripple Of Change Start The Moment You Give Your Own Beautiful Heart To Others.
I Want To Hold You All At Once.
I Feel You And See You.
We Are Together In Light!
Be At Great Peace And Know The Grace That Enfolds You Will Keep You!
I Love You So!
The Highest Vibrational Frequency
We Are The Pleiadian Collective!
Thank to Taygeta Collective,
Aya Goddess,
and Judith 💜