The Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Melchizedek
is the highest order of Spiritual teachings available to Humanity. Melchizedek, as a word or term, is all-inclusive in that it means “my Kingdom is of righteousness,” or “of the righteous,” hence those belonging to the “kingdom” are “God’s Spiritual Disciples.” It encompasses all universal, eclectic and Mystery School teachings that have ever been brought through to Humanity. The Order of Melchizedek encompasses every Ashram and Light center on our Earth plane bearing the Patterns of Perfection from the higher dimensions and the teachings of the Sons of Light. It is that aspect of Christ that works specifically with Beings of Light who are in service to the Earth and other planets and places throughout Creation. And this means you my sweet friends.
The honor of being a Melchizedek Ambassador of Light to the Order of Melchizedek has never been passed to initiates in quite this way before. However, we are ascending en masse for the first time in the history of our Earth, through our co-creation of Heaven on Earth and as such, we are able to complete all earthly initiations, whilst in physical embodiment on this Earth plane.
The recent teachings of Melchizedek have been remembered in the biblical teachings of the Old Testament through a Being of Light called Machiventa Melchizedek, who was to physically incarnated in Israel in the year 1973 B.C. Machiventa Melchizedek began the teachings that were to later be called the Essene Brotherhood. The Essene Brotherhood was formed initially by a group of about 300 Immortal Beings from Egypt, who migrated to Masada in Israel, in 500 B.C. In Egypt, they were Mystery School initiates under the Egyptian Mystery School of Akhenaten, having being been taught Immortality by Akhenaten, Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty in approximately 1500 B.C. Akhenaten, the personality aspect of the Mahatma in this lifetime, took initiates from the Left Eye of Horus, the intuitive, feminine side into the Right Eye of Horus, representing the mathematical, sacred geometries and hieroglyphics of Eternal Light and Immortality. The Essene Brotherhood would come to represent the esoteric teachings of Judaism, and they were to teach many Spiritual truths, focusing on the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life through the Order of Melchizedek.
From a Cosmic perspective, the Order of Melchizedek has no name as such, but is rather a collective Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek dedicated to promoting Spiritual growth in all regions of this Multi-Universe, with the focus on Christ Consciousness, or One Unity Consciousness. The energy of Melchizedek began to incarnate at the time of Lemuria through evolved beings who downstepped their vibration to assist the Forward Evolution of Humanity. Through Atlantis and the High Priesthood Temples, the essence of the “Law of One” was carried through imbued by Christ Consciousness and upon the demise of Atlantis, many of the immortals and Ascended Masters traveled in a Light Ship to Yucatan, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia, Tibet and then Egypt.
In Egypt, it was to be another 6 000 years before Humanity was lifted to a level of conscious awareness to be able to again come into an understanding of their Highest Potential and experience the teachings of these many wonderful Beings of Light, and the many Mystery School teachings from the Order of Melchizedek. During the Age of Leo, the Ascended Masters and the Immortals lived in underground cities that they had created through the Great Pyramid, and waited until the appropriate time in order to create a collective Christ Consciousness awareness. These Spiritual teachings coming in from the Brotherhood of the Light brought about a new birthing of Egypt in about 3 800 B.C., which had, since its original inception in approximately 100 000 B.C., been under the influence of the Anunnaki. Thoth, as part of the Brotherhood of the Light, brought the written, hieroglyphic language to Egypt. During the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, a written language was not needed as we had transpersonal, holographic and photographic memories. In Egypt, we still had photographic memories, which would assist as as we again moved through our initiations and the Left and Right Eye of Horus. The Left Eye of Horus is the feminine, intuitive aspect of Divine nature, and these initiations were taught over twelve years in the twelve primary Egyptian Temples along the Nile. Initiates then proceeded to the Right Eye of Horus, for another twelve years of training, which was undertaken in the Great Pyramid, where through an experiential understanding of mathematics, sacred geometry, and Immortality could be achieved. In fact, there is a chamber within the Great Pyramid, which holds the 48 symbols to the understanding of the Right Eye of Horus, and the key to Immortality, which was taught by Akhenaten during the Eighteenth Dynasty.
Through the sacred Cosmic Fire of Wisdom we are being shown the pathway through the Order of Melchizedek to the full remembrance of ourselves as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light. The wisdom of the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek now descends into the minds and hearts of all Light Workers in this Golden Age of Light, taking us further along the Christed Timelines and into the knowing that we are Master Co-creators to the Company of Heaven, serving on both the inner and outer planes. And as we ascend through the seven different heavens or mansions of God, we activate a deeper level of knowing of choosing to serve as volunteer Souls on the lower worlds, and the understanding of how every challenge we experience is indeed an initiate of Light.
As we travel through the seven mansions of God, we are presented with a Cosmic map to integrate the human side, while we experience ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. We integrate the negative ego aspects, understand and experience our full range of emotions and with humility, Love, reverence and devotion to God, we move beyond duality into One Unity Consciousness, into Christ Consciousness.
The seven mansions are:
Mansion of Devotion ~ loosening of attachments, and identification with ego consciousness ~ the need for guidance and protection
Mansion of Purification ~ facing our doubts and fears ~ death of the ego ~ experiencing our full range of emotions ~ separation, humility, self-awareness and re-union with the Soul ~understanding karmic patternings
Mansion of Sincerity ~ trusting and surrendering to the Divine ~ re-union with the Higher Self and Soul family
Mansion of Transformation ~ deepening of our Service work ~ increased levels of joy ~ connecting with the Ray Masters ~ understanding the rays ~ increasing our levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness
Mansion of Holiness ~ re-union with our Beloved I Am Presence and our star families of the Light ~ connecting to the Galactic Federation of the Light ~ experiencing the Crystalline Solar Body of Light
Mansion of Sanctification ~ death and rebirth ~ the Ascension process ~ understanding our challenges are our greatest initiations of Light ~ the knowing of ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love ~
Mansion of Christ Consciousness ~ Oneness with all Life ~ the Center of Creation and Divine Love in this new Golden Age of Light ~
As we experience the Mansion of Christ Consciousness, we will be re-initiated into the Order of Melchizedek, further activating the Light Body/Merkaba within the cold flames of the Flower of Life as we experience the Higher Mind teachings through the mind of God.
We are building the Temples of Light on the outer planes as we come together in One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love. The teachings of Melchizedek, the Temple teachings of Light are now being made available to all initiates of Light, and we are ready to experience Self Mastery. The time is Now to create these outer Temples of Light.