WHO ARE 144, 000 – Archangel Michael

WHO ARE 144, 000 – Archangel Michael
So you often hear the 144,000 that are on the planet. What are these 144,000? I can tell you, they are extremely evolved souls, they are not 5D souls. It is not those souls who came here to populate and organize the planet. They are much more evolved souls. Yes, they are here, with that little piece in 3D, but they have a very strong peculiarity, in which they don’t resonate at all, with the Third Dimension. I could say, in your language: that they are holy souls; because they don’t get carried away, for whatever happens; they always remain highly balanced, due to the energy they have. So, these souls add up to 144,000.
You see, we need energy anchored on the planet, we cannot count on you alone; because you are still very fluctuating in energy. There are days when you are vibrating very high; there are days, that you are down there. We can’t count on that, we need steady, steady energy. So those 144,000, maintain this energy. They are the ones that keep the energy on the planet constant, without oscillations. I can say, that some of these beings you know; but within a world in which there are billions of people, pointing them out is difficult. And they are extremely protected, precisely for that reason, so that they do not suffer any type of retaliation.
It is as if they were, disembodied souls, on your planet. But no, they have bodies, they are incarnated, because they need to have the Third Dimension, in their souls; they need to resonate with the environment in order to generate the necessary energy. Anchoring energy, we anchor, we would not need anyone on the planet, but we need you, because it is you who have to want to evolve.
So now, you already know what 144,000 are; and we always need them, consciously, to maintain the planet’s energy. And how do we keep them aware? Emanating light! Because the more light you emanate, the more they grow in light. And the light of the planet, becomes firmer, stronger; it’s like they are, that energy vessel on the planet.
Everything that arrives passes through them, and they distribute it across the planet, because they are not concentrated, they are scattered across the planet. Then, the Light reaches them and they spread, even though many of them, are not very aware of it. They know that they are doing something, but they are not very conscious. But they realize that they are different people, they are extremely high people, who do not let themselves be overwhelmed by anything. So, they themselves feel different, but they still don’t have much awareness of what they represent to the planet. Some already know, some have already awakened, others not yet, others are yet to awaken. Awakening, in the sense of knowing their mission, of knowing that they are a pole, that receives all the light and spreads it to others, through a lot of wires.
So, these are 144,000. When you do global meditations, where a large number of people come together at the same time, in the same thought, emanating the same energy; what do you guys do? You create, a great egregore of love and light. And this egregore is quickly absorbed by the 144,000. And they become more enlightened, they become stronger and spread more energy, across the planet.
I am not saying here, that each of you does not receive your Quantum of energy, you do; each one of you is there, receiving a lot of energy from the Central Sun: energy of light, of truth, of transformation. But, they anchor the energy on the planet, because it is the planet, which will ascend; it’s the planet that’s going to clean up all that dense energy from Third and it’s going to be totally in Fifth. Not that the Third Dimension, of this planet will end; it will remain there, but clean, empty, as are the First and the Second. There is no more soul there, nor will there be any more soul, on this planet, in Third.
So this whole density needs to be cleaned up. What good is it, getting the beings out of there and leaving everything dirty? Gaia has been vibrating in Fifth for a long time; but she needs strength, for this cleaning. Because it is going to be a big cleaning; clean up all this dense dimension, which was just below, or better, which will be just below.
So, these global meditations, change a lot; because the more energy, the more the light transforms, the more the process speeds up. So this is how you contribute to those 144,000, distribute more energy across the planet. Not that you don’t have the strength to do that, you do, but it’s as if they are the reactors on the planet; they absorb energy and transmit, with the same intensity. Then, each egregore of love, each egregore of light that you form, in a meditation, is absorbed by them and spread throughout the planet. And it certainly changes a lot.
With all of you acting and raising this vibration of the planet Earth, she rises and reaches a certain point, for the event.
So, do you realize how the whole planet receives energy? Not only the generation of the egregore, you are emanating energy for your connections and you are emanating energy, upwards and forming that beautiful egregore of light; which is the egregore that will be absorbed, by those 144,000. But, you are also emanating energy to the sides, which are the connections that you have.
So see the importance that each one of you has. How many people have you emanated light in a single moment? You have no idea. There are thousands, they could be millions! Why not? If you were a public person, who connected to all those who depended on you, you will have millions attached to you. So, think my brothers; you are all connected, somehow these lines intertwine. And there it forms a large network. So, every time you emanate energy, it spreads throughout the planet, through all people.
So, you are not only doing good for yourself; you are doing good, for the Whole.
So my brothers, you are not 144,000, it may be that there are some of you, whatever. I will not affirm or deny, but you are the transformers. You are the reactors and you transform the energy in a way that everyone can receive. It is as if you have become small power plants, you receive from the reactors, store and send them equally to everyone. You receive the greatest burden, but those who are ahead receive at a level, where they are ready to receive.